Professional Learning Resources for the Mathematics Design Collaborative

The Mathematics Design Collaborative (MDC) brings to mathematics teaching and learning high-quality instructional tools and professional support services that play a pivotal role in helping the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation realize its ambitious goal of having 80% of low-income and minority students ready for college by 2025.

 This video illustrates how the Classroom Challenges enabled teachers to engage in Job-Embedded Professional Learning. They enacted the lessons in their classrooms and then met after school with teachers from other schools to analyze common issues and to analyze student growth across the Pre-and Post lesson Assessments.

“Nonetheless, the studies found statistically significant learning effects for both tools, the approximate equivalent of 2.2 months of schooling for LDC and 4.6 months or MDC. Given their contexts of early implementation and limited dosage, these small effects are noteworthy.”

— Implementation & Effect of LDC and MDC in Kentucky Districts