The Power of Students Analyzing Sample Student Work

This video contains clips from two lessons, in which students examine sample student work, interspersed with clips of interviews with both students and teachers about this component of the lesson. The video shows several examples of students acting as instructional resources for one another as they analyze the sample approaches to solving the given problems. The first part of the video includes several clips of a teacher giving instruction for this component of the lesson. Below are quotes from several of the interview clips with teachers and students.

Teacher #1

 What you’re going to see s students who are nervous because they’re afraid of wrong answers. And they also are nervous because they are not secure with their skills.

Student    #1:

I thought it was a very good process because we did the problem  ourselves and then looked at different methods of doing it. And some of the methods were very different from what I did, so it showed me something else I could do in the future.

Classroom Challenges: The Power of Students Analyzing Sample Student Work

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Student #2:

Student #2: 

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Student #3:

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